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optional arguments:
--ffmpeg-args FFMPEG_ARGS, -f FFMPEG_ARGS
Transcoding args for `ffmpeg -i <src> <args> <dst>`
--rtsp-transport {tcp,udp,http,udp_multicast}
RTSP transport protocol used by stream
--username USERNAME, -u USERNAME
Camera username
--password PASSWORD, -p PASSWORD
Camera password
--channel CHANNEL, -c CHANNEL
Camera channel
--snapshot-channel SNAPSHOT_CHANNEL
Snapshot channel
--main-stream MAIN_STREAM
Main Stream subtype index
--sub-stream SUB_STREAM
Sub Stream subtype index
--motion-index MOTION_INDEX
VideoMotion event index

Amcrest IP8M-T2599E

  • Supports full time recording
  • Supports motion events
  • Supports smart detection
  • Notes:
    • Camera configuration:
      • Video codec must be H.264 (H.265/HEVC is not supported).
      • Audio codec should be AAC. If not, adjust the ffmpeg args to re-encode to AAC.
      • Ensure the sub stream is enabled.
      • If desired, ensure motion detection is enabled with the desired anti-dither and detection area.
    • The -bsf:v parameter is needed to make live video work. The first tick_rate value should be fps * 2000. See this comment.
unifi-cam-proxy -H <NVR IP> -i <camera IP> -c client.pem -t <Adoption token> \
amcrest \
-u <username> \
-p <password> \
--motion-index 0 \
--snapshot-channel 1 \
--ffmpeg-args='-c:a copy -c:v copy -bsf:v "h264_metadata=tick_rate=30000/1001"'